Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Three Essential Considerations when Optimizing a Plastic Part for Manufacturability

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If plastic part designers collaborate with mold makers, a lot of cost and time benefits are realized. Plastic part manufacturers must work with an injection molder that can offer expertise and recommendations throughout the design project. This makes sure their parts are created with the intended use, budget, quality, and timeframe in mind, increasing their chances of getting positive outcomes.

Plastic parts can only be successfully manufactured when part designers, tool designers, and manufactures consistently communicate with each other. Open consultation and communication help ensure they can complete the project promptly and efficiently.

When optimizing a plastic part for manufacturability, below are some important considerations:

Intended Use of the Finished Part

When designing a part and choosing a material to design it with, the environment in which the part will be used must be taken into account. This involves taking into account the wear and tear the part can experience and the temperatures it will be exposed to. It is imperative to consult with an experienced molder such as Fibertech to make educated decisions about what materials to use to come up with highly-quality parts. In addition, specialized tool designers can help in taking design elements such as part shape, draft, mold design, wall thickness, and radii into account.

Efficient Mold Design

It is necessary for part designer and mold makers to work together in creating a mold that can produce the desired part. Molding professionals offer insight on how to produce the best part as well as how to get the mold quickly and cost-efficiently. Designers and engineers use design software to make a mold blueprint. After testing part design and material selection, they will able to make important adjustments. When they designing a mold, designers consider things such as gate location, gate size, and part ejection are considered. Usually, computer simulation techniques like Mold Flow Analysis are used to offer predictive analysis and measurement to identify a part’s success or failure.

Chosen Molding Partner

Parts manufacturers should depend on a reliable molder to offer guidance and recommendation during the part design and development process to save time and money. A lot of service providers fail to factor in the costs associated with material testing, diameters, and radius adjustments. Without flexibility and the ability to offer what is needed to make a successful part will leave manufacturers running into issues. That is they should not try to take the quickest and lowest-cost route.

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