Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Learn About the Uniqueness Of Corrugated Packaging

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The corrugated packaging has witnessed recognition not only for storing and transporting goods. It has gained popularity among people and designers due to several reasons. Corrugated board is stronger than a normal cardboard box which has a single thin sheet. This packaging is the desired choice for many brands and industries.

Belly is the largest distributor of corrugated cardboard boxes. It has its warehouses which are situated at locations like Quebec, Arizona, Oregon, etc. The corrugated cardboard boxes are used as shipping containers. The corrugated packaging maintains the quality and safety of the packaging products. So these are used extensively in the food industry.

Strong And Recyclable

Its high tech construction ensures that several products can be carried. It is customizable and cost-effective. Corrugated board is the most recyclable material in the world. This packaging is the most desirable type because it is strong and can be recycled. In the United States, more than 90% of the corrugated box can be recycled. It is a good choice for the customers and consumers who are environment-friendly.

Printing On Corrugated Packaging

Printing can be done effectively on corrugated packaging. The creative designers can make innovative designs on this packing. This involves the use of graphics. It is a simple task to print on this packaging.

A Natural Choice

By selecting this packaging you come close to nature rather than a plastic packing. This is a good option for packing your food products. It maintains the safety of food products, protects these items and boosts the sales in your business. Corrugated boxes are a good choice than the thin cardboard boxes.

Protects The Delicate Products From Breakage

This packing has a rigidity which proves useful in protecting the fragile products from damage. Each packaging is custom designed according to the product and the shipping requirements.


Corrugated packaging is lightweight, clean and shipping costs are lowered. By making use of creative designs, the boxes can be customized according to the product.


In this packaging, innovative graphics can be used. This is useful in developing brand awareness and selecting preferences. The designs made on the outer side reveal a lot about the product which is kept inside the box.


It is a good option to safeguard your planet rather than plastic packaging. As it is made from renewable, reusable and recyclable material. It is considered good for your planet.