Sun. May 31st, 2020

Investing in GDPR Protocols

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With the advent of GDPR and stricter regulations relating to data privacy and the way that personal data is collected, stored, and destroyed by commercial companies it is far better to be proactive than reactive as a company. No matter what industry you work in there will be paper and documents created that need to be dealt with, customer, supplier, and employee information and data stored and collected, and a requirement to destroy data securely. Having a thorough plan to deal with digital data management, confidential shredding of business documents, and all other aspects that GDPR touches is vital to the on-going integrity of a business.

The large fines and penalties that were brought in with GDPR in 2018 certainly worked in scaring companies the country over at first. This fear of fines is a fantastic way to begin with a process that is so huge and all-encompassing. Over time however, there is the danger that the fear of fines will subside, or lessen somewhat, and it is important that GDPR continues to evolve to have the impact it must have on data protection within all industries.

The grace period is definitely over with GDPR now and it is down to companies to implement key GDPR criteria to ensure that standards are continually met and improved to meet the strict regulations put in place. GDPR continues to evolve, due to the very nature of the data it sets out to protect. As companies continue to collect data, there will be new types of data, and new ways to process data, store it, analyse it, and in the end dispose of it. GDPR should not, therefore, be seen as just an exercise in ticking boxes to meet regulatory requirements, but rather an evolving process where you, as a company owner, understands intuitively what is required from you and how to genuinely look after the data and information you store relating to your customers, employees, and suppliers.

It is about creating a process whereby GDPR is seen as an important factor in everything that takes place on a daily basis, acting responsibly at all times with regards to data, rather than being driven by a fear of being hit with a big fine if you haven’t dealt with data correctly. It isn’t a straightforward thing to implement, especially if you have been working in a certain way for many years, but it is achievable, even in a simple way such as confidential paper shredding.

Think about it; the paper created each day in an office environment might on the whole be inconsequential in detail, but there could also be certain types of sensitive information that you cannot legally store on site without going through a whole lengthy process. If it is information that is best destroyed, you can do so by hiring the services of a professional confidential document shredding service in your area, where paper documents are collected from locked shredding bins, taken to premises close by, and shredded and turned to pulp to be recycled. With a proactive approach like this across your company you can ensure that you are living up to strict GDPR.

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