Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Gemba Walk Made Easy: How Managers Can Do Better!

2 min read

For the uninitiated, Gemba walk is a kind of management technique, which require managers to go to the work floor, such as the production facility or premises like hospitals where the real work is being gone. The purpose of Gemba walk is to observe, note operations up close and personal, so as to find on the possible opportunities for improvement. So, how can managers do better with Gemba? We have a few suggestions below!

Using an app

You can check for apps that are designed to help with Gemba walks, such as Tervene. So, why Tervene? Because the company offers all the features and utility tools that managers may need to get things done. Using an app for Gemba has many advantages. First and foremost, it simplifies the process of creating tasks, managing goals and checklists. Managers can easily schedule Gemba walks and can add necessary details, right from comments and feedback to photos and images. Also, such an app can be useful in minimizing the paperwork and using all the documents and previous notes for taking necessary decisions.

The basic aspects

Managers have to decode and understand that Gemba walk is not an audit. It is neither meant to be a means for evaluating how employees are working on their jobs. Instead, this is more of a collaborative process, where employees and managers are expected to take part equally. Managers must act friendly and ask all kinds of questions. This is not meant to be a bossy process, so ensuring that workers have a fair idea of Gemba walk is necessary. They must be encouraged to share views and feedback, and managers must go in small teams, including cross-departmental first-line managers, so as to get a better view of the work process.

In conclusion

Gemba walk is critical for continuous improvement, and managers must find a way to make the most of the process. This is also a regular thing and must be conducted at least once in a day. In some organizations, Gemba walks are done as many as five times each day, and there should be a purpose and schedule for the exercise. If you want to use an app, check all the features and find more on how it can help in daily improvement. Also, the tools offered by the Gemba walk app must be considered, and it is best to avoid companies that sell the app but don’t offer training for your managers.