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Few Sanitary Pumps Information That You Must Know

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There are number of applications where you can find the use of sanitary pump such as transporting and metering of slurries, solutions and colloids of various foods and agricultural materials where various operations like food processing etc. which needs special cleanliness requirements.

Basically, there can be 4 different kinds of sanitary pumps that are used in different industrial environment:

  • Jet
  • Centrifugal
  • Airlift
  • Positive displacement

Airlift pumps generally will mix air or gas along with the liquid medium so that the whole air-liquid mixture, having a little lower specific weight as compared to pure liquid will rise in the pipe, which will be discharged above the levels of the liquid.

Centrifugal pumps will apply centrifugal force in order to generate velocity and also use rotating impellers in order to increase velocity, also push fluids via an outlet valve.

Jet pumps will force fluid via a nozzle and will convert the energy of the fluid into velocity. Positive displacement pumps will use gears, rollers or impellers in order to transfer fluid into certain fixed cavity in such a way that when the liquid will exit, the vacuum that is created will end up drawing more amount of fluid.


You can find sanitary pump with many different kinds of features. If you consider adjustable speed pumps that can operate at any speed which is selected by the operator while the continuous duty pump will maintain performance specifications almost at 100% of the duty cycle.

Certain types of pumps with run dry capability are able to operate without any pumped fluid or any external lubrication used for an extended amount of time period.

Few wastewater pumps may include a battery as backup, pressure gauge, grinding mechanism, control panel, thermal overload protection, level control device, strainer, suction or filter.

Few other wastewater pumps can be close coupled, belt-driven, explosion-proof, hygienic, frame mounted, jacketed, self-priming, with seal, portable, or it can be with a configuration of pump with materials that is sticky or stringy type.

Multistage, plug-in, reversible and with washdown duty capability type of devices are also available. You can move media both vertically and horizontally, based on the direction of pump stator/rotor assembly.


Following are few important specifications of these pumps:

  • Discharge size
  • Inlet size
  • Maximum discharge flow
  • Media temperature
  • Maximum discharge pressure

Its power source is AC, DC supply, gasoline, compressed air, diesel fuel, natural gas, hydraulic systems, steam, water and also solar energy.

Those sanitary pumps, which do not include power source, will provide drive shaft for connecting to a motor.

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