Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Decoding Packaging Trends For 2020: Improving The Approach!

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Brands spend huge on custom product boxes and packaging materials, but customization really enough? Customers are more aware of their choices, and more importantly, they have more choices now in every niche and range than ever before. If your brand plans to woo customers using packaging as a marketing tool, you have to get it right. Companies that deal in custom boxes, such as Belley, offer tailored solutions to suit diverse product needs and budget, and in this post, we are sharing packaging trends that are worth adopting in 2020.

Corrugated boxes are a must

Unless your product requires a specific kind of box, you have to consider recyclable and reusable material, such as corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are not only strong and effective for diverse needs of ecommerce and standard product packaging, but you can actually send a message across that your brand cares for the environment. Recycling packaging is the best possible means of positive branding.

Minimalism is the key

When it comes to custom product boxes, brands have to think out of the box. If you check the product packaging for luxurious brands, you will realize that design is usually about minimal elements. For instance, just gold printing on a simple black corrugated box is more than enough to create an impression, rather than using a mix of colors. Of course, it depends on the products and your branding needs, but minimalism is the new thing.

A box that’s valuable

The product box can be a great tool for wooing customers into trying something new. This is what many subscription boxes are doing these days. While these companies offer a wide range of samples, they also offer a box that can be stocked and reused. If you haven’t really tried the idea as yet, talk to a vendor and check for the costs. Since the box itself is a product freebie, make sure that it is not loaded with promotional materials.

Final words

If you want to use corrugated boxes or need help with customizing your product packaging, find a vendor that has experience with both design and manufacturing. This is an investment for your brand, and it makes sense to come off as a company that cares for other things, rather than just profits. The budget does matter, so get an estimate in advance. Check online now to find more on product packaging vendors in your area.

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