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A Guide to Learn About Log Loaders and Its Various Types

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If you want to transfer a heavy item that is of 150 tons or more, then a loader would be the right machine to consider. It is majorly used in farming and agriculture industry for sorting the logs and stacking them in the form of piles. Once adequate number of logs are accumulated, then they can also be loaded and transported to the destination.

Let us know more about the mechanical configuration of log loaders and its different types in detail.

Mechanical Configuration

Carrier Base

The carrier base of chargeuse a bois influences the stability and mobility of a loader. It helps in moving quickly around the area of landing. It is not very robust like a tracked machine.


A wide range of grapples are used on the basis of the material that is handled. Bunching grapples mostly have wider sized tongs to pick and handle multiple stems. One of these varieties is pulpwood grapples that are appropriate for short wood, and multiple stems at one time. Other varieties include log grapples and butt-n-top grapples.

Types of loaders Available

  • Trailer Mounted Loader

This type of loader is the cheapest one on the list. It is pulled or pushed into place by means of a tractor unit. It then stays in that place for the entire duration of the yield.

  • Knuckleboom loaders

These are a type of sewing machine that comes with specially made booms to handle logs. They can be track based, trailer mounted or wheel based.

  • Wheel loaders

This machine makes use of forks with grapples to pick up the wood logs. The major benefit of these log loaders is that they are capable of picking and loading several logs at once. This reduces the loading time of a loader.

  • Truck mounted loaders

These types of loaders are mounted on the log truck. The operating station as well as boom is both mounted on a pedestal. This operator station comprises of a comfortable seat with controls. Truck mounted loaders have been used to carry short wood. It should decrease that amount of payload that can be carried by the truck.


Log loaders are advantageous in several industries where it is required to load heavy items. These loaders come in various types of mechanical configurations and types. Knowledge about the loader will help you make the right buying decision.

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